2015-12-19 / / Desert

As always I cut my nails and shave my head the night before setting off. The kids ask why I shave my head before hikes and I tell them that for me, the desert is the most sacred of places and that it’s important to give it the respect it deserves. During the night Magi…

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2015-05-21 / / Desert

A journey of self-discovery and beauty through the Landscapes of Israel and Palestine. Idan Hojman is a professional photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. Idan was born in Israel in 1980. He grew up in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe located in the north of Israel. From 1998-2001 he served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as a paramedic…

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2015-03-07 / / Desert

With the Purim holiday joined onto a pleasant weekend, four of us set off armed with huge backpacks to spend three beautiful, eventful, and challenging days on the Israel National Trail, in the desert mountains around Eilat. Day 0 We decided in the early stages of planning this hike that we won’t have someone accompanying…

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2008-11-21 / / Desert

Several days after coming back from 5 days of pondering in the desert, I’m still not able to be shaken back into civilization. Sitting in the desert for so long made me completely forget that another world actually exists. The stock market went up and then fell but the Milky Way still glistens in the…

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