Israeli National Trail

2015-09-12 / / Camping

From 1200 metres above to -20 metres below sea level. An illustrated account with rocks, family, a gypsy girl, loneliness, snakes, Jesus, Sanhedrin, a stone pillar, skulls, Jacob’s ladder and other tidbits. Day 1 I start the hike at an altitude of 940 metres, in the same place where I was pounded by hailstones recently.…

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2015-06-10 / / Hike
2015-05-02 / / Hike

Magi decides to travel the length of the Israel National Trail, which crosses Israel from north to south, on her own. Hold on a minute, I say under my breath, where is my place in all this? Rather reluctantly, she agrees that I can accompany her for the first three days. If I am well-behaved,…

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2015-03-07 / / Desert

With the Purim holiday joined onto a pleasant weekend, four of us set off armed with huge backpacks to spend three beautiful, eventful, and challenging days on the Israel National Trail, in the desert mountains around Eilat. Day 0 We decided in the early stages of planning this hike that we won’t have someone accompanying…

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