Hi everyone! I’m Frankpeti, a blogger from Israel. One sunny morning I woke up to the thought that I should start a blog about hiking. I’ve been hiking in Israel for, like, centuries. Especially in the desert. The desert is my favourite place. Because the desert is not just sand.

Sometimes I go on walks but they’re not real hikes.

Walkers Hikers
become familiar with nature  – really get to know nature
might prepare in advance  – consciously plan and prepare in advance
don’t want to sweat  – intentionally put their bodies through their paces
are guests of the countryside  – the countryside is their true home
don’t really select their fellow-walkers  – carefully select their fellow-hikers because whether they like it or not they become part of the family from the very beginning


On my homepage I write about hikes and walks in Israel which I have done with my family, friends or alone (if you’re nice you can also be my friend). Here you will find information which I think could be useful about the desert, the mountains, hiking, caving and Israel. I’m not an expert on the desert, I’m not a professional climber or caver and I don’t work for mountain rescue. I’m merely an amateur hiker (and hiking photographer) and for this reason it’s only my own experiences and opinions that I am sharing here, so you should read the material here accordingly (in other words, if you fall off a cliff I don’t accept any responsibility for it!).

Why do I go hiking?

I just do. Because it’s good. It’s really good. The clean air, the stunning landscapes, the challenge, physical fitness. Plus hiking is an excellent way to get to know the country described in the Torah. Sometimes, at some points, if I pay close attention I can still smell Moses’ feet. Hiking is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and to chat/debate together in the evening around the campfire. With Arak (a Middle-Eastern alcoholic spirit). You don’t need to worry about scorpions, as I’m the one in charge of snakes and scorpions.

Who can come hiking with me?

People who have the equipment, who obey the hiking rules and who are cool.